FAB Jobs 2024 Vacancies in First Abu Dhabi Bank Apply Now

Are you looking to elevate your career in the banking sector? First Abu Dhabi Bank (FAB), the largest bank in the UAE, offers a plethora of opportunities for individuals aiming to excel in this dynamic field. FAB careers are among the most sought-after banking jobs in the UAE, providing a platform for professional growth and development. Let’s dive into what makes FAB a premier choice for your next career move and explore the available opportunities.

About First Abu Dhabi Bank (FAB)

First Abu Dhabi Bank (FAB) was established in 2016 through the merger of two major financial institutions, First Gulf Bank (FGB) and National Bank of Abu Dhabi (NBAD). This strategic merger combined their strengths, creating a robust financial entity capable of offering a comprehensive range of financial solutions, products, and services.

FAB operates through two primary sectors: Corporate/Investment Banking and Personal Banking. This dual approach ensures that all customer needs are met with the highest standards. With a presence in five continents—Asia Pacific, Europe, Americas, Middle East, and Africa—FAB provides global exposure and an excellent work culture for its employees. Headquartered in Abu Dhabi at Khalifa Park, FAB is regulated by the Central Bank of UAE (CBUAE), making it one of the safest financial institutions in the country.

Why Choose a Career at FAB?

Choosing a career at FAB comes with numerous benefits. Employees at FAB enjoy a supportive work environment, comprehensive training programs, and opportunities for continuous professional development. The bank invests heavily in its workforce, ensuring that every team member is well-equipped to advance their careers.

Training and Development Opportunities: FAB is committed to nurturing talent. It offers extensive training programs that help employees enhance their skills and knowledge, preparing them for higher responsibilities.

Work-Life Balance: Understanding the importance of a balanced life, FAB promotes a healthy work-life balance, ensuring that employees remain motivated and productive.

Employee Satisfaction: With competitive salaries, excellent benefits, and a positive work environment, FAB ensures high levels of employee satisfaction, making it an attractive employer in the banking sector.

Available Job Vacancies at FAB

FAB offers a wide range of job opportunities across various functions. Here are some of the most coveted positions:

Investment Banker: Manage client investments, advise on financial growth strategies, and help clients achieve their financial goals.

Credit Analyst: Assess the creditworthiness of individuals and businesses, and make recommendations on lending decisions.

Financial Analyst: Provide insights on financial performance, market trends, and investment opportunities.

Auditor: Ensure compliance with financial regulations, and assess the accuracy of financial statements.

Securities Agent: Handle the trading of securities, manage client portfolios, and advise on investment strategies.

Compliance Manager: Oversee compliance with regulatory requirements, and develop policies to prevent legal issues.

Loan Officer: Evaluate loan applications, determine loan eligibility, and assist clients with their borrowing needs.

Teller: Conduct daily banking transactions, assist customers, and provide excellent customer service.

Director and AVP Positions: Senior management roles responsible for strategic decision-making and overseeing various banking operations.

How to Apply for FAB Jobs

Applying for a job at FAB is a straightforward process. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you navigate the application:

List Of Vacant Positions (Updated):

Specialist – Commercial Banking – EmiratizationDubaiApply Now
Virtual Relationship Manager – EmiratizationDubaiApply Now
VP & Area Manager – Liabilities – RM CoverageDubaiApply Now
Executive Director- Escrow ManagementAbu DhabiApply Now
Director – Coverage – Commercial Banking – EmiratizationDubaiApply Now
Director – Coverage – Commercial Banking – EmiratizationAbu DhabiApply Now
Customer Service Representative (Emirati) – Part time WFHDubaiApply Now
Head of Service – Technology GRC- International OversightAbu DhabiApply Now
VP – Monitoring and Alert Management (Emirati)Abu DhabiApply Now
Executive Director – Governance Global Markets Business ManagementAbu DhabiApply Now
Director – Client Relationship Management (Emirati)Abu DhabiApply Now
Managing Director & Global Head of InvestmentsAbu DhabiApply Now
Managing Director – Global Head of Linear TradingAbu DhabiApply Now
Executive Director- Elite BankingSharjahApply Now
ED – GM Sales – MENATAbu DhabiApply Now
Senior Analyst – Business Analytics (Emirati)Abu DhabiApply Now
Specialist – Value OptimizationAbu DhabiApply Now
Executive Director- Contracting – EmiratizationDubaiApply Now
Director – ContractingAbu DhabiApply Now
ED – GM Sales – IB UAEAbu DhabiApply Now
Director GM Sales – IB UAEAbu DhabiApply Now
Associate Director – GM – SalesAbu DhabiApply Now
Specialist – Quality Assurance (Emirati)Abu DhabiApply Now
AVP – Affluent Client MarketingAbu DhabiApply Now
VP – Digital & User ExperienceAbu DhabiApply Now
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