KFC Dubai 2023 Latest Vacancies in Dubai Sharjah Apply Now

In the bustling cities of Dubai and Sharjah, where the skyline seems to reach for the stars, opportunities are constantly knocking on the doors of ambitious individuals. And for those who have a passion for the culinary arts, KFC Dubai is offering an array of exciting career prospects in 2023. Join us on a journey as we explore the origins of KFC Dubai, delve into the heart of KFC Careers, and learn how to become a part of this finger-licking good team.

How it Started

Colonel Sanders’ Vision

KFC, short for Kentucky Fried Chicken, had its humble beginnings in the United States, thanks to the vision of Colonel Harland Sanders. Back in 1930, Colonel Sanders started selling his secret recipe fried chicken to hungry travelers. His unique blend of 11 herbs and spices quickly gained popularity, and by 1952, he had franchised his first restaurant in Salt Lake City.

Arrival in Dubai

Fast forward to the 21st century, and KFC had already become a global sensation. Dubai, known for its penchant for the extraordinary, was the perfect place for KFC to expand its horizons. In 1973, the first KFC restaurant opened its doors in the heart of Dubai. Since then, it has become a household name, tantalizing taste buds with its crispy, golden-fried chicken.

KFC Dubai

A Taste of Success

KFC Dubai has not only established itself as a popular fast-food chain but also as an employer of choice. With a commitment to serving the best quality food and providing exceptional customer service, KFC Dubai has earned a special place in the hearts of both residents and tourists.

A Diverse Team

One of the reasons behind KFC Dubai’s success is its diverse team. People from various cultures and backgrounds come together to create the magic that is KFC. Whether you’re flipping chicken or managing a restaurant, KFC Dubai values diversity and encourages employees to bring their unique perspectives to the table.

KFC Careers

Opportunities Galore

So, you’re interested in a career with KFC Dubai in 2023? Great choice! KFC Dubai offers a wide range of opportunities for both entry-level applicants and seasoned professionals. Here are some of the positions you can explore:

Team Member

Join the front lines of our operation, where you’ll be responsible for preparing our signature dishes, taking orders, and ensuring a top-notch customer experience.

Shift Supervisor

Step up and take charge of your shift. As a Shift Supervisor, you’ll lead a team, manage operations, and ensure everything runs smoothly.

Assistant Restaurant Manager

Ready to take on more responsibilities? This role involves overseeing the daily operations of a KFC restaurant, ensuring the highest standards are maintained.

Restaurant General Manager

For those with strong leadership skills, becoming a Restaurant General Manager is the pinnacle of KFC Dubai careers. You’ll be responsible for the overall success of the restaurant, from finances to team development.

How to Apply at KFC:

Getting started on your KFC Dubai career journey is easy. Follow these steps to apply:

Visit the KFC Dubai Careers Website

Navigate to the official KFC Dubai careers website to explore the current job openings. This is where you’ll find detailed job descriptions and requirements for each position.

Create an Account

To apply for a position, you’ll need to create an account on the website. This will allow you to submit your application and track its progress.

Browse and Apply

Once you’ve created an account, browse through the available job listings. Click on the one that interests you the most, and you’ll be prompted to submit your application and relevant documents.

Prepare for Interviews

If your application is successful, you’ll be invited for an interview. Be prepared to showcase your skills and enthusiasm for joining the KFC Dubai family.

List of Vacant Positions (New Updates):

Senior Legal CounselUAEApply Now
Senior FF&E SpecialistSaudi ArabiaApply Now


KFC Dubai is not just a place to enjoy a delicious meal; it’s a place where careers take flight. With a rich history, a commitment to diversity, and a wide range of career opportunities, KFC Dubai is the perfect place to realize your professional ambitions. So, why wait? Take the first step towards a rewarding career with KFC Dubai in 2023!


1. Is previous experience required to apply for a position at KFC Dubai?

While previous experience is beneficial, KFC Dubai offers positions suitable for both experienced professionals and those looking to start their careers in the food industry.

2. Are there opportunities for career growth at KFC Dubai?

Absolutely! KFC Dubai is dedicated to nurturing talent and provides ample opportunities for career advancement within the organization.

3. What qualities does KFC Dubai look for in its employees?

KFC Dubai values qualities such as teamwork, dedication, and a passion for delivering excellent customer service.

4. How can I stay updated on the latest job openings at KFC Dubai?

To stay informed about the latest job openings, visit the KFC Dubai careers website regularly or follow their official social media channels.

5. Is there training provided for new employees?

Yes, KFC Dubai provides comprehensive training programs to ensure that all employees are equipped with the necessary skills to excel in their roles.

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