Driver Jobs in Dubai Across UAE With Daily Updates Good Salary

If you’re looking to kick-start a career as a driver in Dubai or anywhere across the UAE, you’re in the right place. With the rapid growth and development in this region, the demand for skilled and reliable drivers is on the rise. Whether you’re seeking full-time or part-time opportunities, this article will provide you with insights into the world of driver jobs in Dubai and the UAE, along with essential information to help you land your dream driving position.

Part-Time Driver Jobs in Dubai: A Flexible Opportunity

Flexible Hours and Income: Part-time driver jobs in Dubai offer a fantastic option for individuals seeking to earn extra income without committing to a full-time job. These positions often provide flexible working hours, allowing you to balance your work with other commitments.

Ideal for Freelancers: If you’re a freelancer or someone who prefers a variable work schedule, part-time driving jobs can be an ideal fit. You can choose assignments that suit your availability, making it a great way to supplement your earnings.

Driver Jobs – Job Description: What to Expect

Transportation Services: As a driver in Dubai or the UAE, your main responsibility will be transporting passengers, goods, or materials from one location to another. This could involve driving a taxi, delivery vehicle, or even a private car for clients.

Safety First: Safety is of paramount importance in driver jobs. You’ll need to adhere to traffic rules, drive defensively, and ensure the well-being of your passengers or cargo at all times.

Navigational Skills: A good understanding of the city’s layout and GPS navigation systems is crucial. You’ll need to be able to navigate efficiently to reach your destination promptly.

Driver Jobs in Dubai – Qualifications Needed

Valid Driver’s License: To work as a driver in Dubai or the UAE, you must possess a valid driver’s license issued by the relevant authorities.

Experience Matters: While some entry-level positions may not require extensive experience, having prior experience as a driver, especially in a professional capacity, can give you an edge.

Language Skills: English is widely spoken in Dubai, but knowledge of Arabic can be an advantage, especially when interacting with local passengers.

Driver Jobs in Dubai – Apply Now!

Online Job Portals: Numerous online job portals list driver job opportunities in Dubai and the UAE. Websites like Bayt, Indeed, and LinkedIn regularly post vacancies for various driving positions.

Networking: In the UAE, networking is essential. Reach out to your connections, attend job fairs, and join professional driver associations to increase your chances of landing a job.


Embarking on a career as a driver in Dubai and the UAE can be a rewarding endeavor. Whether you’re looking for flexible part-time work or aiming to establish yourself as a full-time driver, the opportunities are abundant. With the right qualifications, a safety-conscious attitude, and an eagerness to provide excellent service, you can navigate the roads of Dubai and beyond while enjoying a fulfilling and prosperous career.

FAQs About Driver Jobs in Dubai

  1. Q: Are there female drivers in Dubai? A: Yes, female drivers are welcomed and respected in Dubai. The region promotes gender equality in all sectors, including transportation.
  2. Q: Can I apply for a driver’s job without a car? A: Yes, some jobs provide company vehicles for drivers. However, having your own car might expand your job options.
  3. Q: What’s the average salary for a driver in Dubai? A: Salaries can vary depending on the type of driving job. On average, taxi drivers earn around AED 3,500 per month, while delivery drivers may earn AED 5,000 or more.
  4. Q: Are there any age restrictions for driver jobs? A: Generally, you must be at least 21 years old to be eligible for most driver positions.
  5. Q: How do I convert my foreign driver’s license to a UAE license? A: You can convert your foreign driver’s license to a UAE license by following the process outlined by the UAE’s Road and Transport Authority (RTA)., a job portal that focuses primarily on vacancies in the Gulf Countries and to the needs of freshers (0-3 years experience) and final year students who can hardly find a platform to gain work experience in their field through internships.

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