Imdaad Job Vacancies 2023 Announced in Abu Dhabi

Are you looking for exciting job opportunities in Abu Dhabi? Look no further! Imdaad Group, a leading integrated facilities management company, has announced its job vacancies for the year 2023. If you are interested in joining a dynamic and diverse workforce and want to be a part of a company that values its employees and promotes growth and development, then Imdaad may have just the right job for you. In this article, we will explore the career opportunities at Imdaad, the eligibility criteria for these positions, and how you can apply for Imdaad Group Careers and Walk-In Interviews.

About Imdaad Group:

Imdaad Group is a renowned name in the facilities management industry, offering a comprehensive range of integrated services to businesses and communities in the UAE. With a focus on sustainable practices and innovation, Imdaad has been providing exceptional services since its establishment in 2007. The company’s commitment to excellence, safety, and customer satisfaction has earned it numerous awards and accolades over the years.

Eligibility Criteria for Imdaad Jobs and Careers:

Imdaad Group values diversity and seeks talented individuals from various backgrounds to join their team. The eligibility criteria may vary depending on the specific job roles, but some general qualifications and attributes they look for include:

Educational Qualification:

Applicants must have the required educational qualifications relevant to the position they are applying for. From entry-level positions to managerial roles, Imdaad seeks individuals with the right educational background and skills to excel in their respective roles.

Experience and Skills:

While some positions may be open to fresh graduates, others might require prior experience in the facilities management or related industries. Candidates with specific skills and certifications may have an advantage in certain job roles.

Team Player:

Imdaad values collaboration and teamwork. They look for individuals who can work effectively in a team-oriented environment and contribute to the collective success of the organization.

Communication and Language Proficiency:

Strong communication skills and fluency in English are often essential requirements for most positions. Additional language skills may be advantageous, especially in a multicultural environment like Abu Dhabi.

Adaptability and Initiative:

Imdaad encourages employees to be proactive and take the initiative to drive positive change. Candidates who show adaptability and a willingness to learn and grow within the organization are highly regarded.

How to Apply for Imdaad Group Careers and Walk-In Interviews:

If you are interested in applying for a position at Imdaad Group, there are several ways you can do so:

Online Application:

Visit the official website of Imdaad Group ( and navigate to the “Careers” section. Browse through the list of current job vacancies and click on the one that suits your qualifications and interests. Follow the instructions to submit your application and resume online.

Walk-In Interviews:

Imdaad Group occasionally conducts walk-in interviews for specific job openings. Keep an eye on their website or social media channels for announcements regarding walk-in interview schedules. Prepare your resume and relevant documents and visit the designated location during the specified time.

Job Fairs and Recruitment Events:

Imdaad actively participates in job fairs and recruitment events across the UAE. Attending these events can give you a chance to meet the hiring team in person and learn more about the company culture and career opportunities.

Recruitment Agencies:

In some cases, Imdaad collaborates with recruitment agencies to fill certain positions. If you are registered with a reputable recruitment agency, they may be able to connect you with suitable job openings at Imdaad.


Imdaad Group offers an exciting opportunity for job seekers in Abu Dhabi to be a part of a leading facilities management company that values innovation, sustainability, and its employees. Whether you are a fresh graduate or an experienced professional, Imdaad has a diverse range of job vacancies that might align with your career aspirations. So, take the leap and explore the possibilities with Imdaad Group!

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):

Q1: Does Imdaad Group offer internships for students?

A1: Yes, Imdaad Group occasionally offers internship programs for students to gain valuable experience in the facilities management industry. Keep an eye on their website for internship opportunities.

Q2: What benefits does Imdaad provide to its employees?

A2: Imdaad Group offers a competitive benefits package, including health insurance, annual leave, performance incentives, and opportunities for professional development.

Q3: Can I apply for multiple positions at Imdaad?

A3: Yes, you can apply for multiple positions that match your qualifications and interests. However, make sure to tailor each application to highlight your relevant skills and experience for each role.

Q4: Does Imdaad support employee growth and career advancement?

A4: Absolutely! Imdaad Group is committed to nurturing the talents of its employees and providing opportunities for career growth and advancement within the organization.

Q5: How long does the recruitment process at Imdaad usually take?

A5: The duration of the recruitment process may vary depending on the position and the number of applicants. Generally, Imdaad strives to complete the process as efficiently as possible while ensuring a thorough evaluation of candidates., a job portal that focuses primarily on vacancies in the Gulf Countries and to the needs of freshers (0-3 years experience) and final year students who can hardly find a platform to gain work experience in their field through internships.

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